School Consultation Services

As a Special Education teacher, Behavior Specialist, and now Therapist, I have personally witnessed the difficulties that educators face today. The challenges of today, are not the same as those 20 years or even 10 years ago. Teachers and administrators are being asked to do more with less and schools are being flooded with children that are not only struggling academically, but behaviorally. As an educator, you get into the field of teaching to make a positive impact in the lives of our young people. However, teacher preparation programs do not always prepare you for the daily challenges that may be faced in the classroom. Over the years, the field of education has witnessed an increase in behavioral and emotional difficulties, leading to increases in bullying and other aggressive behaviors. At North Star Therapeutic Services, we help to address these issues through training and support.

North Star offers basic consultation services, as well as in depth trainings. Our basic consultation services include classroom observations, behavior tracking and data collection, and one-on-one meetings with teachers and/or administration to provide case reviews and recommendations. Our training options for staff development, focus on various topics of behavior management and help educators build the skills to be more confident and foster a safe and productive learning environment. Some of these topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom & Answering the Question: What interventions and when?

  • Writing Effective Behavior Intervention Plans and Creating Effective Behavior Tracking Tools

  • Functional Behavioral Assessments

In my world there are NO BAD KIDS, just impressionable conflicted young people wrestling with emotions & impulses trying to communicate their feelings & needs the only way they know how.
— Janet Lansbury