Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy 

All of our Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) groups are 1-1.5 hour sessions and are geared towards children and adolescents ages 8-21 and Military Veterans and their families.  Packages include 1 EAP session per week for 8 weeks and utilize a two person team approach.

  • 2-4 person group-$4,000

  • 5-7 person group-$5,600

  • 8-10 person group-$6,400


Equine-Assisted Life Skills 

All of Equine-Assisted Life Skills (EALS) groups are 2 hour sessions for ages 12-21.  Packages include 2 EALS sessions per week for 6 weeks and utilize a two person team approach.

  • 1 person-$1,500

  • 2 people-$3,000

  • 3 people-$3,600

  • 4 people-$4.000


School Consultation

Pricing and packages coming soon.