The Eagala Model

Professional Experiential therapy that changes lives!

At North Star Therapeutic Services we utilize the Eagala Model, the global standard of practice in Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and Learning (EAL), to help individuals of all ages. The Eagala Model works because it uses the strengths of people and horses to create a therapeutic and safe environment for people to explore what is happening in their lives.  People learn by doing and our thoughts and emotions are not always easy to put into words.  With Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning, words are not necessary.  Using horses as our therapist partners allows people to look at their lives reflected from the eyes of another without fear of judgement.

The Eagala Model uses a team approach comprised of a Licensed Mental Health Professional and an experienced Equine Specialist.  All work is done on the ground and the horses are free to move about the therapy space and interact with clients as they like.  This helps to create a space of openness and support for the client.  Each session is led by the client and tailored to meet their needs, allowing each individual to tell their story.  Through the telling of their story, clients are able to make connections and gain insights that provide long lasting positive impacts in their lives. 

The Eagala model is Client-Centered, solution-focused, and evidence driven.


why Horses?

Horses are prey animals that are highly sensitive and intuitive.  They are masters of body language and picking up on our non-verbal cues, helping us to gain insight into our lives.  Although horses are sensitive and intuitive, they are also large and powerful with unique personalities just like people.  This can help people to explore relationships and challenges in their lives. 

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